Reflection on Digital Games Phase 1


  • Spent:
    1. You are employed in the USA, you get to make decisions using money, the challenge is to reach the end of the month without going out of cash.
    2. I liked how the game gives you the feeling to run your own life monetarily.
    3. I didn’t like that I have limited options. Also all the events were depressing.
    4. I felt sad and angry because everything happened was bad and I was angry because I had many others solutions that I couldn’t point out.
    5. I learned how the real world looks like, and how is it hard to have children and make them happy. And I discovered many difficulties that I might face in life.
  • BBC Syrian Journey:
  1. You witnessed Syrian revolution, you take decisions to live and make your family live.
  2. I liked how the game is designed to make you feel the spirit and willingness to survive.
  3. I didn’t like that I have limited options.
  4. I felt fearful by the events.
  5. I learned that we are lucky that we had the Egyptian Revolution scenario, not the Syrian. Otherwise millions would’ve died.
  • Domestic Violence in Egypt:
  1. You read an event that happened to you and you choose how to deal.
  2. I liked how the game reflects real problems in harassment.
  3. I didn’t like that I take decisions as a female.
  4. I felt sorry and sad for all girls in Egypt.
  5. I learned that girls face many problems that they might not state, however it makes them suffer.
  • Child Abuse: Orphanage Edition:
  1. You choose your gender; decide how to solve your problems as a discriminated orphan.
  2. I liked that the game had happy ending
  3. I didn’t like that it was too short and strange things happens suddenly, like traveling to Spain.
  4. I felt sad for the orphans because I know how many of them are treated.
  5. I learned that the orphan’s life is really hard as they face many conflicts internally and externally.
  • Animal Rights:
  1. You take decisions as people interact with you; finally you discover you are a dog.
  2. I liked the plot twist that I am a dog.
  3. I didn’t like that I have limited options.
  4. I felt sad for the dogs and animals that are abused.
  5. I learned that animals feel like humans and they should be treated better.



Empathy and Bias

I learned that although we might have bad treats in our subconscious like racism, we will not show it or act differently to people. Maybe sometimes I might intentionally do things that might reveal that I prefer a race on the other, however didn’t do anything that disrespect the unpreferred race.  Videos helped me learned this. Because by watching the foreigners stating this makes me reflect in my own thinking, and put myself in my shoes.


Digital literacy

Looking through my digital literacy profile, I am proud of being comfortable to communicate and collaborate, this enables me to break the distance between me and other people I know or not know in other countries and in other places.  It also enables me to share my ideas and opinions which might be important to many people as it reflects our culture and background.  I would like to improve teaching and learning. Actually I see my young brother doing things on internet that I can’t do it, and this is so annoying. And it is embarrassing to ask him to teach me. Therefore; I would like to learn new things and be able to teach it to others.  I think the most important elements of digital literacy is communication and collaboration as in our culture there are many different classes and groups, you must be able to communicate with them all in order to be loved or to avoid conflict. Each of them has a way to speak to, a language to use, traditions you shouldn’t break.

I expected to know all the pictures and guess them correctly. I almost knew nothing and guessed all of them wrong. I felt so confused and lost. I learned that there are things that we know that might be different if we looked at them from different perspectives. I liked listening to different guesses on my photo.In the future I might forgive someone because I will know that he might have different perspective to do or say that thing that annoyed me. #unboundEq