Final Reflection


Three most important things I’ve learned:

  1. Many news we found on social media and empathize with are fake and could be easily designed to look real. I learned this through the activities and videos in Fake news theme. Here are some links;

2. Through Soliya, I’ve learned that if I disagree with someone on a certain topic, I should take time and think as if I am in his place. This would give me the chance to reconsider because he might be correct, even if he’s not, I would be able to make more valid points to support my point of view.

3. I should not post everything about me on social media, there are more people watching me than I thought. I learned this through videos we watched in Privacy theme.

I think the course could be improved by making more Soliya session but for less duration, as Soliya is very relative to the course.

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