Final Reflection


Three most important things I’ve learned:

  1. Many news we found on social media and empathize with are fake and could be easily designed to look real. I learned this through the activities and videos in Fake news theme. Here are some links;

2. Through Soliya, I’ve learned that if I disagree with someone on a certain topic, I should take time and think as if I am in his place. This would give me the chance to reconsider because he might be correct, even if he’s not, I would be able to make more valid points to support my point of view.

3. I should not post everything about me on social media, there are more people watching me than I thought. I learned this through videos we watched in Privacy theme.

I think the course could be improved by making more Soliya session but for less duration, as Soliya is very relative to the course.

Contribute (Fake news)

We could make a great activity in fake news, where students sit in groups, choose 2 fake news and one real new. Then they present the three and the other groups try to guess which one is real and which two are fake.

Bonus assignment (A letter for you as a child)

A Letter To You As A Child

I am writing this to the 16 years old me, I will refer to him as young Ziad, who chose to take subjects in high school that are required to enter engineering in University.

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit the subjects you are going to take in high school. You didn’t decide what job you would like to have yet and I admit that it is hard to decide. I just want to advise you that all engineering students with me in AUC are really suffering. They are always depressed, they work too much, don’t enjoy what they do and then score bad grades. I am certain that 90% of them would choose not to study engineering if they had the chance to get back in the past and be your age and choose from the beginning. Yes there might be some of them  who are happy studying engineering, but the majority are not. I did like you, and took engineering subjects. And as soon as I have joined engineering in AUC, I got terrible grades and I really hated the university. I dropped all engineering courses but after add and drop. So the money for the courses is gone. I was also late in credit hours, so I had to take courses in summer and winter, and ruin my vacation. Also my GPA was 2.07 so it was very hard to declare business. I had to study too much to declare business, and get A’s in all courses. I could have avoided all of this, if I had someone advising me at your age not to think of becoming an engineer. So right now, change all your courses, have fun in high school and plan to join business school. You will have time to enjoy life in AUC, and you will be happy with what you are studying. And you will finish uni in 4 years only, and also have good career after you graduate.

Think wisely Young Ziad

Ziad Zawbaa


Soliya Reflection

Throughout the last month we were having weekly sessions on Soliya where we get to meet other participants from all around the world online and a moderator helps to keep the dialogue intense and respectful.

There were many differences between Soliya and the other online communications I’m familiar with like Skype, Face time, Facebook, Houseparty. The main difference is that in Soliya I get to talk with new people who are totally strangers for me, but there is a target for that. The target is to know how other people think in other countries and regions and to discuss point of views. On the other hand, there are also online communications where you meet strangers, but the problem is there is no good intention or target for talking to them. Also the moderator is a very precise addition to the program, specially that he or she is from our same age. In other online communications, no moderator, so people could disrespect each other and they might also get bored from each other.

I’ve learned also things about myself as a communicator on the digital form. I am not shy at all, I have no problem speaking out my thoughts if I am a part of the minority. I can accept other people’s opinions even if it annoys me or if it is against my religion. I could be patient when I want to speak, I don’t have to shout out and disturb others or people supporting the opposite of my point of view. I have time to think before speaking out which is a good thing to say what I want in the best way.

We have spoken about different topics; how should we respect each others, Is it better to communicate through social media or face to face, how can people think of something without seeing the whole image, abortion, minority immigration and their reasons, how are Muslim viewed in the west. And many other interesting topics.

When it comes to face to face, I could be more excited to speak because the dialogue would be more intense. I will be more in to the conversation because I would be able to speak to people while looking to them into their eyes not in the camera. However in online communication the best thing is that it is more organized and you have chance to think before speaking.

As I said there were many things I did like about Soliya, but there are few things I didn’t like as well. The duration is too long, I would suggest that the duration should be shorter like an hour and the frequency could increase to be 6 times instead of 4. I would also suggest giving a break in the middle of the session, so if there is a participant who would like to eat or drink or use the bathroom could do this in the break, without missing anything.