Game Final Draft

You are an athlete who wants to declare architecture, you have to make priorities. Play the game (by clicking on the link above) to see how you are going to prioritize.

As my peers suggested, I added more scenarios and options. I tried to make options less extreme, for example instead of choosing between studying and working out, you can choose to sleep less and do both.

I would have made longer scenarios if I had more time.

I learned that I have to think wisely of the consequences of my choice because each choice has its cons and pros.



One thought on “Game Final Draft

  1. Good job with the more complex scenarios. Some of the logic/links need some tweaking (e.g. all the “the end” slides are after each other and if you just keep clicking you see them all. On each “the end” slide, maybe point them all to either “start over” or “final slide, goodbye” kind of thing.


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