Game 1st draft

You are an athlete who wants to declare architecture, you have to make priorities. Play the game (by clicking on the link above) to see how you are going to prioritize.

Please give me your feedback..

4 thoughts on “Game 1st draft

  1. Thanks for this game. I feel so bad for the player…tough choices! The game is good as it stands but is missing some depth and complexity… I wonder if there is room for that?


  2. The events of the game are definitely very relevant and straightforward and I felt how stressful it must be for someone to try to manage between all their responsibilities. The choices were a bit restrictive though as they were more of black and white situations so it’s either this or that, but I think in reality this may not necessarily be the case every single time. Sometimes, people can manage their time or the choices may not always lead to the extreme alternative such as failing the whole semester or getting kicked out of the team. Overall, it was a very enjoyable game.


  3. It is a good game. I like it. However, there is a bit of exaggeration in the results. For example, skipping the wedding doesn’t necessarily result in losing your best friend forever. Also, there are not enough choices, and when I decided to leave the semester and join the national team, I still did bad in the championship! Lastly, I believe the game has a lot of potential, it just needs to develop. Good luck! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your reply, but the choices are reasonable as I have spoken with people who experienced it. You didn’t lose your best friend forever, you just became normal friends because he thought you didn’t put him as a priority.


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